Featured on “The Investor’s Podcast”

Over the weekend, some my thoughts on current market conditions were featured on one of the most popular business & finance podcasts on all of iTunes, The Investor’s Podcast.

If you manage your own savings and investments, I strongly recommend you check it out! It really is one of the very best. (And of course, if you don’t have any savings or investments, it’s time to get started.)

In this episode, Preston and Stig discuss George Soro’s book, The Alchemy of Finance, and then turn to questions and comments from investors.

That’s where you’ll get to hear me reiterate some of the thoughts from my most recent blog post—and hear Preston Pysh give some of his thoughts on the degree to which commodities are likely to be undervalued at the moment.

Check out the episode here. (Or skip to 14:05 if you want to hear the section where I bring up commodities in the current market, and Preston gives his analysis.)

Like me, Preston is a value-focused investor, and also moved to a heavier cash position before the recent market turmoil after taking a long hard look at the fundamentals of the US stock markets.

At the time, we both were exploring foreign value stocks, commodities and physical stores of value. Since this episode was recorded, I’ve made some significant moves in those directions, and Preston too has been preparing to make the leap.

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