“Over the past few years Justin has mastered more records than I can count across a broad spectrum of genres and the results have always been the same, awesome! Beyond consistently delivering great sounding masters, Justin has always had great communication with me and my clients throughout the mastering process, approaching each record with dedication and enthusiasm and treating each artist with the utmost respect and professionalism.”

-Ben Rice, Degraw Sound

“It’s Justin’s patience, proficiency and pride in his work that keep me coming back.  I’ve hired him for several mixing and mastering projects because he takes the end product as seriously as I do. He’s easy to communicate with about finding the right sound, which is not true for everyone in the field, believe me.  Justin will A/B until the thing shines and that is why I’ve entrusted him with my music time and time again.”

Daniel Saks, DeLeon

“Justin Colletti is on my rock star list! Professional, smart, and only wants you to have the best. I really enjoyed watching Justin work his magic mastering my record. He took the time to go over every song with me, answered every question I had, and really dived into each tune as if his own. Finding the right folks to work with is tough, and I’m super grateful to have been linked to Justin! Can’t wait to work with him again.”

Fiama Hummel

“We worked with Justin mastering our first EP. As local Brooklyn artists, we needed our low(er)-budget recordings and mixes to sound as professional and top-notch as possible. The combination of Justin’s incredible ears, techniques, and skills resulted in a product that we’re extremely proud to share as our debut album. We look forward to future collaborations with Justin and would recommend him in heartbeat.”

Jimmy Fisher, Amber

“Justin Colletti is my go to mastering engineer. Period. I recommend him to every one of my clients and we are always very satisfied with the return. Not only does he turn product around fast and is super responsive throughout the process, he takes the time to listen and understand exactly what the song calls for. I appreciate all he has done for my clients and I, and I look forward to working with him on many more records!”

Gian Stone, Stone Recording

“Working with Justin my first time impressed the hell out of me. He totally got what I was hearing in my head and took the EP to the next level. I think, ultimately, this is what great engineers do — Make the recording blossom into it’s best possible sound. He’s a natural at this process. There is no doubt that he and I will be working together a lot more!”

David Caruso, AMFM

“Justin Colletti is fast, professional and versatile. He knows when to use subtle enhancements and when to get surgical. He also knows how to match references if clients have something particular in mind. A great guy and a pleasure to work with. He’s a cut above the rest.”

Harper James, Freelance Engineer

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