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How to Tell When Stocks are Overpriced (It’s Easier Than You May Think)

In “The Independent Musician’s Guide to Not Going Broke“, I made a strong case for what is now the conventional wisdom in finance: That putting away a good chunk of money every month into broad stock market index funds is one of the safest, surest and simplest ways to build wealth over long periods of […]

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What is the Point of Gold?

I have to admit that I never really understood gold. I never even cared much for the look of it—though I’m well aware that many billions of people have for many thousands of years. It just never seemed particularly beautiful—or useful—to my eye. But I’m not everybody. For most of my life, I tended to […]

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Good Profit: In Life, Business and Art, Are You Investing, Trading or Speculating?

The word “investment” is often misused, both in finance and in our daily lives. You are either investing, trading or speculating at all times, and in all areas of your life, whether you realize it or not. This is as true in your art and in your relationships as it is in your work, and […]

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“Objective Merit”, Subjective Values, and Arguing About Taste

It’s easy to forget that there is really no such thing as “objective merit”. At some level, all judgements of merit are based on human preferences, and driven by individual tastes. There is no other way. While I would quickly agree that some preferences—and some systems of judging merit—may be “better” than others, I’d have […]

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Featured on “The Investor’s Podcast”

Over the weekend, some my thoughts on current market conditions were featured on one of the most popular business & finance podcasts on all of iTunes, The Investor’s Podcast. If you manage your own savings and investments, I strongly recommend you check it out! It really is one of the very best. (And of course, […]

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The Great Bubble of 2016 (…and 2017)

2017 Note: As of May 2017, nothing in this analysis has changed. If anything, the issues noted below have only increased in magnitude, and logic dictates that the three potential outcomes noted below remain exactly the same. I’d like to turn from music for a moment to write a little something about the current financial […]

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Advanced Mixing Tutorial: Parallel Compression “Secrets”, In-Depth

Readers at SonicScoop have been asking me for a more detailed and hands-on version of the parallel compression video I did a little while back. Thanks to a partnership with B&H I got to do just that. Check it out, and if you have any more questions, reach out anytime:

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A Better Way to Start a Mix

Sometimes the worst way to to start a mix is at the beginning. What does that mean? Click below to find out:

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Pro Tips on Panning for Stereo Width, Acoustic Treatment, Soundproofing and More

The latest installment of my “Mix Tips From Your Mastering Engineer” series is out now. Check out part 4 on panning techniques for enhancing stereo width. I’ve also got a new video out on Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment which you can see below:

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On Finding Fans: “How to Get Your Music Heard”

New post up on the video blog: “How To Get Your Music Heard (By Actual People).”

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