Make America …Singapore Again?

Today, Roger Montejano has a post out on SonicScoop about the recording studios of Singapore. I found myself truly stunned looking at images of this city. This is not an uncommon experience.

These are countries that started as essentially impoverished just over 50 years ago, and now stand as some of the wealthiest, most creative, and most dynamic nations in the world. Some of the views in this story are truly amazing. Singapore looks like a city from the future. It strikes the eye as being a profoundly majestic place.

Like Hong Kong, Singapore is also an incredibly inclusive place, as well as being incredibly economically free. Though it has a culture that is clearly its own unique cosmopolitan blend, it takes in a diversity of people from around the world, of all sorts of ethnic groups and social and geographic backgrounds.

Believe it or not, but this is what America used to look like to the rest of the world, decades ago. At one point in the not-too-distant past, even Detroit was like a glistening jewel—one of the most incredible, diverse and enviable cities in human history.
Someday again maybe. There’s a lot we can learn from places like Hong Kong and Singapore. Once upon a time, they learned a lot from us.
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