Justin CollettiJustin Colletti is an audio engineer, journalist and educator.

Justin spent the first decade of his career recording and mixing all sorts of esoteric indie rock bands, distinctive-sounding experimentalists, and the occasional major label artist. Today, Justin is probably best known for his near constant stream of research driven articles on the art, science and economics of music and sound.

In addition to his prolific output for SonicScoop and his own web magazine, Trust Me, I’m a Scientist, Justin is still extremely active in music, particularly as a mastering engineer for Joe Lambert Mastering in DUMBO. He still records some of the time, specializing in drum and guitar tracking, vocal coaching, and pre-production planning. (He also mixes the occasional album or film, but only when it’s an amazing fit.)

When he’s not behind a console or a keyboard, Justin teaches the next generation of audio experts, currently at CUNY‘s College of Technology in DUMBO.

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